Theme Tuesdays: DeTomaso Panteras – 2


DeTomaso Panteras are one of my favorite cars, at least visually and conceptually. I have never driven one, or been in one for that matter, and I don’t see them all that often but despite all that they remain in my top five.

In fact I like them so much that when Filip Malbaša asked what car, off all the possibilities in the world, I wanted him to render a Pantera was my first response, and the rendering he did was actually the sole reason for today’s Theme Tuesday.

I will be posting said rendering tomorrow as it deserves a post of its own, but today we will take a look at cars the exist in the real world.

This car comes via and is one of several up skirt Pantera shots to appear today
I found this car on which is a site you should visit if you are into Panteras to any degree
Turns out the car is 100% real and –cliché I know– spectacular
This one I spotted on Seventh Wing it is a restored model with GR4 flares it sold for 78.9k a few years back
The engine bay of the car above is mighty tidy
This beautiful red Pantera sits on Foregline center lock wheels, this car and the car above really emphasize the wedge shape of Panteras which I think is a big, big reason why I like them so darn much
Big booty girls put every guy in debt -picked this one via reddit.
What is not to like about the rear end of these cars? Honestly. – via
I’m including the Gas Monkey Pantera just so you don’t think I forgot it. Visually I’m actually not a huge fan of this car, the engine cover is imposing IMO and the wheels too sunk.
I had issues with this car the first time I saw it too as it smoothed out a lot of what I like about the Panteras admittedly dated design
Looking at it now, and in comparision to the Gas Monkey car, I’d say it works as a modern interpretation of the Pantera
Pinterest coughed up this image, remember when this was the go to style for all car posters?
Keeping the low resoloutiion pinterest time machine going here’s a Pepto colored car with a very happy model
….just wheels and a drop
This is actually the first Pantera I’ve seen on more pro street looking wheels. I actually don’t mind it but the rear looks a hair high
*heart eyes emojii* – via The Escape Road
Pantera alternative to a Ferrari that Miami vice vibe via
I honestly had no idea Group C Panteras existed before this car.
This was apparently the last one ever build and has a lot of information about the car on their site
It is actually impossible for me to do any Pantera post and NOT mention Team Pantera of Japan
Funny enough WordPress glitched when I uploaded these photos originally and dated them February 8th 2036 which means until 2036 permanently affixing them to the top of my uploads list
Team Pantera of Japan consistently delivers some of the best looking Panteras ever

Along with some of the wildest…

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