Theme Tuesdays: Odds And Sods


Opted to raid my cache of random photos last night while I think of some new Theme Tuesday topics (or better yet go out and shoot some).

Most of these photos are inspiration for future “what if” projects, photo ideas, or Theme Tuesdays that were started but never finished.

I’ve credited where I could but some I saved from as far back as 2010 so I can’t remember where they originated. If you know let me know I can update accordingly!

I am fairly certain I originally pulled this stunning e30 m3 from God’s Chariot
This photo makes me fondly remember the days of clean quarters and non shock value wheel fitment
This truck has changed slightly since it’s feature. I really like the Green wash @visualweight took this one
I briefly started a 454ss Theme Tuesday but couldn’t find enough source material, I may start again – This truck belongs (or belonged) to bagged454
I suppose around the same time I was pulling together a G body post as well
I repost this photo every now and again just because of how rare low Dakotas are – via:
Just A Car Guy is a great source for some of th e most bizarre car photos ever
Wheel standers and bed dancers are still on my must see list
If you can believe it, this car is the previously featured VR6 powered s14. Trevor is super serious this second time around
Hubs and whites and bags, via The Curb Blog
This feels like the work of Brett Sloan but I am not sure if it is
Love photos like this, that capture the roots of car culture

I love vintage lowrider photos too. So much style
Something from the guys at 70s Street Machines

Does anyone know if this car was ever finished? I imagine if it was there’s quite a few really angry people floating around


  1. That Galpin Ford. If I’m not mistaken that truck has be the epitome of reverse engineering. The bed which is suppose to be in back is now in the front of the cab.

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