WTF Friday: …is that a Sunfire?


Building a hot rod can be done many ways. Of late putting an old body on a new chassis has become quite popular.

Usually the chassis chosen are rear wheel drive cars prior to the popularity of unibodies. Usually.

There are of course exceptions to the rule. People have been known to put anything they have sitting around on top of well, anything else they have sitting around.

Like say a 1937 Ford body on top of a Pontiac Grand Prix chassis.

From the jump the proportion of this car are, creative, to say the least. It looks like the front end has been extended significantly and maybe even the door.

The roof also looks to have been brought down some but that could just be the long front end playing trucks on me.

The rear, is devoid of any rear bumper and has tail lights from somewhere. A plate recess would have done wonders here.

The front is, put nicely, busy. Very busy. Including the Pontiac nostrils was an interesting choice, but the push bar is straight out of left field. It makes me wonder if it was added after the fact to make the car legal.

Inside is pure Pontiac and I don’t know why but looking at it I can smell cigarette smoke. This just might be because most of the Pontiacs I’ve been in have belonged to smokers…. but I digress.

It’s currently for sale, best offer takes it home.


  1. Normally I could find something nice to say, but…. What the hell man?! No. Really. I would like to meet the owner & know what brand of peyote they were smoking when they thought doing that was a good idea

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