Theme Tuesdays: Atypical Volvos


Ended up in a very strange corner of the internet a few weeks ago that was filled with hopping Scandavian bricks on wire wheels.

From there I ended up looking at Volvo hot rods, and things sort of progressed from there until this Theme Tuesday emerged. I acknowledge that I left a few notable Amazons, Wagons, and Volvo powered hot rods out of this post but my goal was to keep things fairly atypical and lesser seen.

The video below sort of kicked this whole thing off, have to thank YouTube recommendations for this one.

From there naturally I had to look for more

And more… of course

Eventually I manged to pull myself away from YouTube and comb the rest of the internet to see just how far the rabbit hole went.

You know I had to post this one. Astros, Supremes, murals? Heck yeah. Makes sense Mike Garrett shot this prior to his tenure at Speedhunters
Produced from ’44 to ’66 these 544s have a shape that lends itself pretty well to this kind of treatment.
I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen one in person though, I’d like to of course
Amazons lend themselves pretty well to ‘Kustom’ treatment as well
This particular car was at Art of Speed Malaysia 2014 via Fuelgarden Malaysia
Sadly couldn’t find much info on this car but it looks darn good
This Amazon actually has an sr20 under hood, which is weird yet awesome.
You can check out a build thread of sorts here
Squint a bit and this almost looks like something air-cooled
It seems to be next to impossible to find a style of car that Speedhunters hasn’t posted
This gasser was found on the H.A.M.B. which seems quite right

Of course I found video of a bagged Amazon

Going to end this post with H.A.M.B member DE79′s down right awesome Amazon

Volvo powered sounds like another idea for a Theme Tuesday I should pursue, thoughts?


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