WTF Friday: Meanwhile In Iowa, A Hot Rod Porsche

Photographs via: @joshzphotography/ Josh Z Photography


Remember that red Porsche body that was stretched over a custom frame with dually rear wheels? It was one of the first Porsche “hot rods” to gain notoriety online.

Well when I first saw this car I thought it was that car but upon further inspection it doesn’t appear to be. This car also seems like it just might be a darn sight better.

Sent in by gnitalthndrstrm these photos were taken by joshzphotography at an event in Iowa. The photo above is the first one I saw and I immediately thought “cool another Jeep hot rod”.

But then in a pulled back shot you come to realize that yes, that is a Jeep front end, but from the a pillar back is all Porsche.

Well mostly Porsche anyway, because clearly street signs are a far cry from factory Porsche sheet metal. However there is definitely enough Porsche there to make a few people upset about the entire thing.

Power comes from the ever versatile Chevy 350 small block, and I feel like the front and rear axles, and perhaps frame, came from a one ton vehicle judging by the hubs.

Sadly google searches don’t return any other photos so if more info is out there I want it!


  1. The purist in me wants to be so mad right now but for some strange reason all I can fathom is a stupid grin

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