Theme Tuesdays: Mobile Phone Dump Volume 2


Got caught up in the long weekend relax mode and didn’t get a chance to pull together a specific theme for this week’s Theme Tuesday so I am going to drop another ‘Mobile’ Photo Dump.

Mobile is in quotations because most of these photos are from my phone but not all. Like part one the bulk are from weekly cruise nights here in Durham.

The Jalopy Jam Up is just around the corner, and if traditional hot rods are your thing that’s the place to be
The wife and I have kicked around the idea that when (if?) I finish Project Why Wait we will build a Beetle for her. That may have recently changed to a sports car however
A set of wires and a little altitude adjustment can really change a car, especially a ’47 Cadillac
I spent a lot of time looking at this Hitman Hot Rods built truck last year, a LOT
I like the frenched tails and the finished, but not too finished look of the paint job
This Firebird inspired the Pro Street Theme Tuesday from a few weeks ago
It’s certainly one wild-looking car, at any angle.
A peak at what motivates this big bird
Not sure what it is about Durham but I’ve never seen quite so many “street freaks” or extreme gasser type builds, this Fairlane made the last post of this nature, along with a Trans AM
This tri five also rolls around the city nose in the sky
Took some pictures of Mike Livia’s ‘Lowmater’ earlier in the summer. Hopefully release this full set soon..

I’ll be back next week with a more traditional theme based post next Thursday!

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