WTF Friday: The Mustagra, Six Years Later


The Mustegra (an DC Integra body draped over a SN-95 Mustang chassis) was the topic of  a WTF Friday post in 2011. That post was pretty popular, and since then the car has gone through some fairly significant changes which make a quick update here justified.

The first, and most significant update, is that the Mustegra is now known as the v8 Integra because it is now powered by a LS1 and not a Mustang motor and not a Ford mill.

Or perhaps more accurately is going to be LS1 powered as the swap isn’t quite complete yet.

The other, more significant update, is to the outside of the car. When it was originally done the wheels stuck out a bit and the hood was perpetually slightly popped open.

This was later fixed with a different hood, widened vented front fenders and bolt on rear flares but those have both been removed in an effort to go even wider still.

Rocket Bunny FR-S style flares look to be the base for the most recent transformation and it looks like the aim is to fit much more tire than before.

Finally there have also been a few steering angle updates done to the car because I do believe that the owner may have caught the drift bug.

As of late updates seem to have teetered off but the owner maintains that the car will see the road again soon. It’s always nice to see crazy cars, get crazier, and I’m all for the most recent round of updates to this truly unique build.


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