Theme Tuesdays: Pro Street


Am I the only one that is a fan of Pro Street Cars? I hope not because otherwise this week’s Theme Tuesday is going to land a bit flat.

By Pro street I mean drag race styled cars. Low front ends, stock height or raised rear ends, Weld Wheels, Hoosier Or Mickey Thompson tires, narrowed axles, tubs, cages, often wild paint, the whole nine yards as it were.

Basically cars that push the boundaries of ‘Street Legal’ to the point where you wonder whose palms were greased to allow the car to get registration.

The style may have lost some steam after being incredibly popular in the 80s and early 90s but I still see quite a few Pro Street styled cars in my travels so one could argue that is a timeless style.

Either way I like them, and hopefully you do too, enjoy!

This is one of the most easily found photos of a “Pro Street” car online, the wheel and tire set up on this car is massive.
While not quite as extreme as the car above, I’ve seen many a 60s era Camaro styled similarly
Street Classics Cruise Ins in Etobicoke are always worth attending if you are in the area, sadly I am in the area less and less these days
The Camaro and this Chevy II were at the same event as the car below
and this car was at the same event as…
…this one…
….and this Nova!
This ‘Yenko’ (not sure if it is real) is phenomenal, it’s been around for awhile and is always spotless
The Vega, Tri Five, and this car actually come from the same shop A&D Performance
Their builds can be spotted from Brampton to Etobicoke
As much as I do miss the Street Classics events the ones at Canadian Tire in Pickering are pretty great as well
Two cars over from that Trans Am was this Camaro sporting Mickey Thompson Sportsman tires and strange axles
And right near that was this Camaro that swallowed Hoosiers
Engine bay of the same Camaro, gotta have some power to turn those big wheels and tires
I have reason to believe that the owner of this Nova indeed cannot drive 55
This Holley blower is a contributing factor to that assumption of mine
This was actually a fairly clean build all around, the interior was quite nice as well
I’m fairly certain this car could have leapt out of the pages of Car Craft magazine in the 80s
On the topic of Magazine cars, Hot Rod Magazine featured this one
I’ve only seen this ’69 Mach 1 at a single event, it’s actually one of very few 60s Mustangs I’ve personally seen done Pro Street style
Trucks are not exempt from the Pro Street Style
Does anyone want to Hazard a guess at the average MPG of this post? 8 maybe?
I can’t imagine how often the headers on this car hit the ground
Reunited was a great show that sadly just never came back after one event, I’ve not seen this Nova since
Probably one of the coolest (if not the coolest) Chevettes in Ontario
I bet it is an absolute riot to drive
On the scale of ‘internet famous’ Pro Street builds this double blown GTO is high up there

Rock Dobbertin is perhaps the #1 Pro Street Icon with his crazy J2000 Pontiac
The car is absolutely looney, and hopefully still hiding away somewhere
Twin blowers, twin superchargers, and nitrous!


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