Theme Tuesdays: Non Traditional, Traditional Lowriders – Pt. 2


Back like I never left, with another outside of the box Theme Tuesday. The last non traditional, traditional lowrider Theme Tuesday was posted in 2012 and it has always been a topic I’ve wanted to revisit.

It’s a bit of an odd topic to search for however, but, with a little digging I managed to pull out a few gems, thanks to google and No thanks to PhotoBucket of course who’s made Theme Tuesdays a bit of a challenge.

Russia is apparently doing it big, these cars are wicked – Photo: Just Me
They do a little chippin’ too, and it looks like their paint work is on point – Photo: Just Me
I’m actually a little surprised there are not more Roadmaster lowriders to be honest, this one is in Japan too!
The big, somewhat round, Buicks look great on the ground
I guess you can take any Buick (like a Century) and throw it on wires and hydraluics on it and end up with something interesting
Just a low Camry right?
…and then…
There are actually quite a few Dodge Neon Lowrider pics kicking around but I posted this one based on lift alone
I can’t image the looks on people’s faces when this Neon rolls by on three
I am go out on a limb and say the owner of this Van is a fan of the electric lettuce
Jag done super traditionally, mural on the trunk mural and all
This Ford Ranchero looks great, those rear arches were made for some dish!
A UK special Dodge Commer dumped on what look to be Truespokes with a classic window AC. AMAZING
Don’t typically see many slammed third generation Camaros so seeing this one is pretty cool
It lays frame according to this very old Cardomain page
Lowrider magazine has a feature on this ’89, it’s a completely different car than the one above
It’s actually on bags, which to some means it’s not true lowrider, but personally I am  not picky
The Pontiac Grandville is a car I would overlook on 9 out of 10 occasions
This car is of course the exception, it looks fantastic – Photo : Just Me
Another somewhat obscure Pontiac to be done lowrider style, a Lemans

My favorite part about this car just might be the vintage audio system and switch set up
Japan continues their tradition of doing whatever the heck they want

Ever seen a Suburban hop? Before this video I could say I hadn’t either.

@prkbrk on Instagram is great at digging up classic, obscure, lowrider goodness, so I am going to close out wiht a few awesome ones that he shared lately.

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”GOLD WOLVES" ’69 Type I Cab

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how to @generalmotors

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