Theme Tuesdays: Unique Forced Induction


Forced Induction is everywhere in 2017. Most manufacturers have at least one turbocharged vehicle in their line up, and a select few offer supercharged models as well.

On the enthusiast side of things, I don’t think aftermarket turbochargers or superchargers have ever been more popular. Forced induction has become the go to replacement for displacement.

Like anything else FI isn’t exempt to people thinking outside the box, usually in regards to placement, and today’s Theme Tuesday pays homage to some of the more unique FI set ups I have seen over the years.

This little ‘supercharger that could’ gave this Beetle a shot in the arm power wise (57hp 100 ftlbs).  Nothing crazy, but that’s not the point here
The turbo set up in this Ghia is just a bit more in your face than the one on the beetle – Photo: Kris B Photography
In internet terms this photo is absolutely ancient, but it is certainly unique
A look at the packaging – Via: Reddit
This is (sadly) all just for show, but it is quite hilarious to look at
Still patiently waiting on video of this Bisimoto project running
From the top side, this 300, doesn’t appear turbocharged….
…but underneath is an entirely different story with hidden twins
This Genesis couple employs a similar remote mount tactic
However I’m not sure if it is the only rear mount at this point
Would you expect a truck like this…
…to have this in the bed? This Ranger throws everyone for a loop
I’ve seen this car on two occasions, at the same show
Under the hood is a McCulloch supercharger, a company that operated from the 1930s to late 50s
According to the owner this is one of a handful left in running condition

Can’t do a unique forced induction post without including the Latham supercharged Taylor’d Dodge
How about this turbo nail head?
It’s a blow through carb set up with an industrial turbo that apparently came from the parts bin
This car is just now seeing the dyno with its compound boost 1UZ

The blower is a Ford unit
A Garret unit provides the rest of the boost

The first time I saw this quad turbo video from Nori Yaro I thought Quad turbos were a bit of a rarity

But it seems like quad turbo set ups have been done before, this car was started in 2002 or so

Got a crazy turbo set up I should take a look at? Let me know in the comments!


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