WTF Friday: Harley Powered…. Jeep?


Most of the time when Harley-Davidsons are mentioned around here it’s in WTF Friday context and this week, well, things are no different.

The builder of this Jeep Rod took the long way round for power by using four Harley-Davidson Evolution V-Twin motors.

The result is a combined 320 cubic inches, and 200ish horsepower, situated the front of a Jeep.

I’m sure the next question many of you have is ‘ya well what about the transmission, how’s that work?’ Well it seems there’s a center shaft and chain that connects all 4 motors to a TH400 automatic transmission.

Though it looks maybe a little exposed it all seems to work pretty well.

Current whereabouts of the Jeep are seemingly unknown as it was put up on eBay a few years ago to never been seen again.

I imagine it’s probably in someones collection, unfortunately collecting dust, but here’s to hoping that is not the case!



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