Theme Tuesdays: Three Spokes


I’m going to be completely honest and admit that for quite some time I really didn’t like three spoke wheels. However, as I got older (and perhaps  slightly wiser) I was exposed to a wider variety of three spoke wheels and they started to grow on me.

In the right hands, on the right car, and most importantly at the right height, three spoke wheels look pretty damn good.

Would I run a set today? Well… I might not be willing to go that far, but I will hat tip to a few great examples of their use.

Leading this post off with Super Advan wheels seems fitting
They are a wheel that have become quite popular in recent years. It doesn’t hurt they come in a few different configurations
Like many wheels the wider the better
This IS300 was part of the recent IS300 Theme Tuesday, Centru did a great job capturing it
Enkei RSII’s are a set of three spokes that I have never seen in person
Classic KMC wheels on this slammed CB Accord Photo: ghettoryde
Advan Oni’s look damn good on this Toyota Chaser
Do you prefer this car on 3 spokes? – Photo: What Monsters Do
or 4?
Not sure the make of these wheels, but they look great on this MK4 Photo: Paul McMillian
MK3 looking pretty damn good on Prime 3 spokes
OZ Cygnus wheels almost look like Prime three spoke wheels on steroids Photo:
This is probably the only car other than a Viper you will see on these wheels. They have been narrowed to fit the car, something you don’t often see done – Photo: Someguy photography
Dylan Leff’s Celica is a thing of beauty – Photo: Dylan Leff
I’m not sure what model of three spoke wheels these are, but they look really classy on this e36 Photo: oli
I’ve been a big fan of this particular e36 after seeing in the flesh at SEMA a few years ago. These split 3 spokes from Rotiform are pretty unique, but work quite well here – Photo: Rotiform

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