Theme Tuesdays: Impalas


Sometimes the most obvious cars are the ones that get overlooked for Theme Tuesdays and that is certainly the case with Impalas.

Heavily featured in Boyz N The Hood, and rap videos I had on repeat growing up I quickly became a fan of the classic ’64 on wires. As I got more into cars as a whole I also began to enjoy pro touring and drag prepped Impalas as well.

One of the most iconic, and well-known American cars ever built, the almighty Impala was long overdue for a Theme Tuesday.

Would this classify as a low-rod?
Spinning the clock back to my first SEMA experience this car, black, on what looks to be black Supremes still does it for me

Here it is last year right before sale
These are actually two different cars, with this one being sold, but close enough for a before and afer
I love resto mods, one day... one day..
Before Megaspeed and Motorama there was Performance World where I saw this RPM Motors build
And one of the builds that the more you look the more you notice, for example I didn't notice the wind-shield in person
I’ve never seen this car again but it was a very, very different Impala (see: Windshield frame or lack there of)
It was a great looking build
These pictures don’t really do it justice in hindsight…
A lot of this post (naturally) centers around mid 60s Impalas, but all generations seem to handle wires and low quite well
This even includes the later models
I find I don't see these nearly enough
If wire wheels are not your thing don’t fret, simple five spokes also work quite well
Dale’s Impala was one of the first features on this site, it’s a great looking summer cruiser I see fairly often
…and if the car above were a wagon
If memory serves this wagon belongs to the late Jae Bueno’s Wife
This photo, via Howard Gribble, is the original Bloody Mary car
and this one via Wheels Are Everything is a mighty fine tribute
Thing's were looking pretty good
This car,broke very shortly after this photo was taken
Who doesn't love a good all metal drag car?
Who doesn’t love a good all metal drag car?
This is the Impalasaurus video of it can be seen below, it runs 8s
This is the Impalasaurus video of it can be seen below, it runs 8s and weighs 3400lbs

Being x-framed cars Impalas do lots of funky things given the right amount of torque
Being x-framed cars Impalas do lots of funky things given the right amount of torque

This video is a whopping eight years old!

Going to end this one with more Impalas on wires just because honestly it is just the right thing to do
Lil chippin’ ain’t hurt anyone





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