WTF Friday: F20 All The Things!


F20 –or F22s I am not great at telling them apart admittedly– motors have made their way into quite a few different vehicles (see this Theme Tuesday and it’s follow-up for proof) but this is, as far as I know, the first domestic truck to get the high reving 4 cylinder Honda Motor.

Spotted on Facebook via Rob Webster, this truck apparently resides somewhere in New York.


As you can see from the photo there isn’t just a motor swap going on, a honking turbo has been thrown into the mix, positioned significantly above the motor.


With the hood closed and the turbo sitting in it’s mailbox like enclosure its hard to notice anything else but if you look at the rest of the truck you’ll see a Colorado bumper swap and what might be early Nissan 370z wheels as well.

I have no further information on the s10, but I’d love some, so if you recognize it or better yer own it, hit me up!


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