Theme Tuesdays: First Generation Lexus IS300s – Pt 3


Am I alone in thinking that the first generation IS300 is the best IS300? Probably not. It was a great looking rear wheel drive sedan when it was released and it has gracefully transitioned into a modern classic today.

Reasonably sized in comparison to today ‘IS’ models, aggressive yet refined, and with an available wagon option its hard to argue that the IS300 didn’t start of on the right foot.

Sure the five speed auto trans in most of them tempers the cars awesomeness to some degree, but the fact that the came with 2JZ in Japan means that swapping the motor and transmission isn’t an unreasonable lift.

Like so many luxury cars, as they’ve aged, they’ve fallen into the price range of those who want to modify them quite heavily. The result of the IS300 becoming more attainable is a healthy community of modified models.

With that in mind it’s time to follow-up 2012s IS300 Theme Tuesday.

Start things off with a bug turbocharged bang, I’ve posted this car before, and never seen it again, but there’s no denying it makes a visual impression
It’s a Rukus Motorsports build, and though I can’t find video of it running there is a picture of it on the highway
If you read the D1SP coverage then you already know that this car has no issues running
@is300ryan owns and slides this car on the regular
This wrapped brown beauty was subject of a feature shot by Emilio Ciccarelli
I think the car was parted out shortly after this shoot
Sadly this car was rear ended and is no longer with us
The owner has moved on to another Lexus, but still, this one was sweet
This car has gone through af ew different makeovers over the years
It currently looks like this, with  Rocket bunny kit fitted, and as of recently air suspension

No local IS300 tribute is complete without photos of Aidan’s car
It’s great to see ‘The Unicorn’ out this year
Big side skirts work so damn well on IS300s, as do deep dish three spokes – Photo: Centru
Photo: Centru
Nine times out of 10 Bazreia are a great choice. – Source:
This car was a project build for Rev’d mag, but I don’t think it every got off the ground. Maybe it was the spoilers fault (sorry dad joke)
@dukecitytiredestroyer’s sportcross is outstanding. Photo: @automotivedigress
I can’t deny that I’m intrigued by @dylana7x’s car, he has certainly taken a unique path with it
I’m listening to west coast rap mix as I type this so @toyota_is300s car only seems fitting
The same car at earlier stage in its life
AJ Gillet (@ill_roller) is pretty good at doubling down
Neither car is exempt from track duty either. – Photo: @dooglestudios
Photo: @tfworks
Since most of the cars in this post have been drift/style oriented how about a street/track build? – Source: Reddit
Speedhunters has the details on this – Source:

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