WTF Friday: Mack Rod


While on Reddit I ended up getting sucked into r/RatRod . There I discovered super_88s current project the Mack Rod. The Mack Rod is his way of using up left over parts from other projects. Almost like a dish made up from left overs and presented as something new.

The cab comes from a Mack garbage truck and the front end is largely custom metal work done by the builder using sheet metal.

Out back the bed is from an s10, a first gene judging by the lack of curves. The fenders are from a Task Force (late 50s) era Chevy truck.

The chassis is the equally loved and hated s10 chassis. S10s are under so many hot rods these days it’s almost ridiculous and if you frequent any hot rod forum you can see people arguing about their use.

Some people say it isn’t a good frame to use. Others say it is more cost-effective. Choose your own adventure is the best course of action.

In this case a back half has been added to support the air suspension, as well as a few stiffening cross members to the center section.

From a visual perspective, the truck is 100% unique.

A fellow Reddit user suggested a chop top and section to make the vehicle lower are around, and I’m inclined to agree that it would make the vehicle look better.

The owner however has stayed true to his vision for the vehicle and left it as he saw fit. As you can see from the photo below it does lay out fairly hard at 0psi.

Inside the vehicle shows its service truck roots with switches and gauges nearly everywhere. But for a bit of hot rod flavor the seat has been covered in a “Mexican” blanket.

There’s no build thread or anything for the truck unfortunately If you want to see more a few clicks through r/RatRod will get you where you need to be.


  1. A+ for effort, but yikes…..
    that homemade front end is just painful. Its kind of like he designed the front end without consulting the rest of the vehicle. Just doesn’t match, proportions are off, riveted together and it doesn’t even really mate up with the front of the cab.
    I’m not sure how someone who bent tube and properly welded a frame decided to use what looks like an old screen door for a grille.

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