Theme Tuesdays: Weds Kranze Bazreia Appreciation


Two weeks ago I paid homage to the CR-Kai via a Theme Tuesday dedicated to the Work Wheels classic. This week I’ll be throwing some love to the Weds Wheels Kranze Bazreia.

A modular construction and timeless design make these wheels exceptionally versitle. Made in sizes as small as 16, and as large as 22 they work equally well on sub compact cars like Fits, big cars like G35 sedans and everything in between.

Blain has rebuilt, and owned, many of the sets of Bazeria’s currently floating around Ontario so it only makes sense to start with him
These 19″ Bazreia wheels were unfortunately stolen, and are still missing, as far as I know which is a damn shame, they looked exceptional on the car…
I didn’t know this before last week but these cars have a 5×120 bolt pattern
Making these one of the few (perhaps the only) 5×120 wheels in Ontario
As improbable as this might seem, this car is static.
Impeccable fitment
Jon’s RX-7 is so good that I’ll make any excuse to post it
The Bazreia’s look great on the car of course
Generally, I am pretty luke warm on Lexus SC430s but this one, is next level
Dreammaker customs basically built the entire car around the wheels.
To reuse the caption I used when I posted this car in the is300 Theme Tuesday, nine times out of 10 Bazreias are the right choice.
How sick is this little Fit? – Photo: Fizz AutoSports
Or this uh, whatever it is- Photo: Minkara Carview
Not just a wheel for Japanese vehicles 20″ Bazreia’s look right at home on this Audi- Photo Switched Stance
Mad Mike has great looking Drift cars, this one is a bit older but is wearing the wheels of the day- Photo: Speedhunters

To further bolster this Theme Tuesday I pulled some of the more unique usages of Bazreia’s from Instagram. I’ll probably be keeping up this trend of ending Theme Tuesdays with a couple Instagram photos when it fits.

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What wheel would you guys recommend next? Something common or something obscure? I am open to suggestions!


  1. How about a theme on 4 spoke wheels?
    To give you some pointers, both obscure and not so obscure: SSR MK2, Enkei Apache, PLS Hockenheim, Revolution/Schmidt CL (Classic Line), Tramont TY2.
    Although these are mostly small diameter wheels I bet you can come up with some bigger 4 spoke wheels.

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