Theme Tuesdays: Car Art and The ELTA Summer Bash


As the years have rolled by the odometer my love for nostalgia and the way things ‘were’ has only increased. I’m not a pessimist who hates modern cars by any stretch, but older cars just have a certain presence that’s hard to replicate. They drive different, smell different, look different, they just plain are different.

Pedestrian safety hadn’t ruined designs, fuel mileage was an after thought and cars were for the most part fun. One of the things I like most about car tuning, from days gone by (and why I keep going to events like the ELTA Summer Bash and Big Go Drags) is the unique ways people personalized their cars.

Wraps and stickers are all the rage now, but in these circles, then and now, paint is still king.

Perhaps a dying art, my respect goes out to those who are still learning to sign paint an pinstripe. In my opinion having an artist add their touch to your car gives the work an extra layer of depth that just can’t quite be replicated by a machine. An extra bit of paint here, a small error there just brings the work to life.

Truth be told I’ve been meaning to do a Theme Tuesday like this for a while and with so many examples present at the ELTA Summer Bash I really couldn’t resist putting this one together.

If you like paint, and art like I do, enjoy this week’s Theme Tuesday.

Also sincerest apologies for the Theme Tuesday drought. I am going to try to hold myself to at least a bi-weekly schedule moving forward.


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