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Event Coverage: Eurokracy 2016 Pt. 3

Eurokracy 2016 was big, too big for one post, too big for two posts, and really even with this third post there are probably...

Event Coverage: Eurokracy 2016 Pt. 2

In part one of the 2016 Eurokracy coverage we took a look at the infamous burnout contest through the lens of Gray Schilling's camera. For part...

Event Coverage: Eurokracy 2016 – Pt.1

We start our Eurokracy Montreal coverage with a brutally hot day at ICAR Circuit, in Mirabel, Quebec. A venue which has not a speck...

Event Coverage: Eurokracy 2015 – Pt.1

Eurokracy is without a doubt one of the best Euro shows in Canada, in fact it just might be the best eurocentric show in...

Eurokracy 2015 Trailer

Eurokracy just dropped the trailer for their 2015 event which has switched venues from Napierville Raceway to I-Car Experience. Having gone both the 2013 and...

Event Coverage: Eurokracy Montreal 2014 – Pt. 2

Moving right along with the Eurokracy coverage, today we will take a look at a few of the vehicles that various vendors brought to...

Event Coverage: Eurokracy Montreal 2014 – Pt. 1

After an awesome weekend in 2013 there was no question in my mind that in 2014 I would be returning to the land of...

Theme Tuesdays: Eurokracy 2014 Engine Bays

I'm not sure what it is about the European car community, but they really seem to have the swapped, tucked, shaved, and polished engine...

Eurokracy’s Finest 2013

The car that undoubtedly stole the show at Eurokracy 2013 was this teal, right hand drive, MK1 Rabbit. Built by Quebec City based Unix Performance this no holds barred, no expense sparred, beauty was hidden behind a wall of slack jawed on lookers almost the entire show and personally I stopped by the car on three different occasions in a vain attempt to take in all of the details.

Event Coverage: Eurokracy 2013 – Part. 3

One of the best things about the Napierville Dragway (where Eurokracy 2013 was held) is that the dragstrip was viewable from nearly any location...