Absolutely Stuffed


I thought I posted this car before after I saw it on Jon Sibals blog but it doesn’t seem as though I did, and if I did it’s worth looking at again. Whenever you think that you might not be able to go lower refer to this post. This car is stuffed beyond belief and the front bumper still looks minty fresh, let’s all take notes shall we?

This Toyota Aristo is sitting on coil-overs not bags and the bolt pattern has been converted to 5×120 to fit BMW wheels. It also has a 2JZ under the hood with some tuning and increased boost.

Note the lack of visible  damage
Note the lack of visible damage
Like Fonixx this Lex tucks significant rim
Like Fonixx this Lex tucks significant rim
Hovercraft status
Hovercraft status

Proof he drives at this height

(Don’t blame me for the weird music!)


  1. God this this is LOW! It looks kinda awkward, probably just because I’m not used to seeing something this low! Great find! Thanks for sharing Dave!!


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