Theme Tuesdays: Mazda Speed 3s


I’ve been hanging around more Mazda 3 forums lately whoring out my new drop and letting people know how they can get it and while doing so I have been looking at a lot of Speed 3s’, because I want one, bad.

A few right click save as later we have today’s Theme Tuesday.

This car has seen a lot of wheels latley but these are the current set
Another shot of the ride above
Clean speed on RX-8s
TM3's OptizkLenz13
Nice lookin speed 3 from BC
Keeping the graffiti theme going
There is a set of RPF-1s for sale near me now I wish I could afford
More RPF-1 Win
Wonder what is so funny?
Same wheels as above?
Really a big fan of this one, nice and clean
I would buy these wheels in a heartbeat
Too much poke for me personally, but the owner says he is not done yet


  1. yep those 19″ gold axis wheels look great on the red speed. I prefer the original set of wheels on sumthaiguy’s car which were Advan SA3R’s. Nice collection for your Mazda3 theme tuesday

  2. I didnt even know my car was on here….lol. Thanks for the props, but ive sold the 19″ axis since then. New stuff will be on soon


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