50km to 0: Real Quick


It seems a little bit weird to be writing a ‘eulogy’ for a car that I never really expected to do a whole with but sadly here I am typing it.

Yesterday morning on my way to work my Mazda was struck from behind from a woman who thought texting was more important than piloting the vehicle carrying her daughter around.



She ended up hitting me, without hesitation or braking of any kind, at about 50 kilomertes an hour –assuming she was going the speed limit– which drove me into the Ford Escape stopped in front of me.

The damage to the Escape was fairly minimal (since I submarined under it) and though the damage to her car was pretty significant my car by far took the worst end of the deal.



All signs are pointing to a total loss due to the fact that both quarters are buckled, the core support is bent, and the glove box now takes a heck of a lot of force to close.

It sucks to end my journey with the car this way but it could have easily been significantly worse, both of the children involved were thankfully unharmed and aside from some stiffness this morning I seem to be holding up alright too.

With nearly 230km on the clock dispersed over Woodward PA, Rochester NY, Ocean City MD, Detroit and Lansing Michigan, Montreal, and all over Ontario I really couldn’t ask for more of car that split it’s duty between daily driver, road trip vehicle, and occasional show car.

The car may not have the history of Rusty, or the notoriety of the Elvis’ Charger, but fuck it it was my car and I’ll miss it.

Here’s to new projects and new stories with the next one.









Special thanks to everyone who helped me with this car at some point or another but special thanks to Air Lift Performance, Dominant Engineering, Miltowne Auto, Nextmod Precision Rim Repair, SK Performance, Simply Tire and Taylor’d Customs.


  1. sorry to hear about this i actually liked the direction your car was going. at least it was her fault i dont know how it works in canada but that means to me at least insurance will at least help out. look at like this now you can build another car(please not another mazda3) and make better and different from ur previous 1. but yeah good luck with this

    • While the suspension is the same 2dr won’t give with the new baby.

      Currently Speed 3/GTI/and A3 are fighting it out.

      I’m attempting to keep my payments low enough to not push what I really want to build too much further out.

  2. Well that’s a crapper – sorry to see the Mazda go down like that.

    Have you seen the 2015 Honda Fit? I like the new design. I want a BMW M5 or 200# 7-series, but I honestly don’t think I’ll ever buy one. All the cars I want pretty much just cost more than I’m actually willing to spend. I’ve had the thought of selling my project car of 12 yrs (96 Civic hatch) and the Daily (08 Fit) to get a “dream” car, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Good luck in the hunt for a new car.

    • My goal was actually to pick up a non daily project literally this summer, I’ve got a jar full of cash I’ve been squireling away. I had already started looking then whammo. So now I want to get something I can live with daily while not smashing that jar.

      • Ah, you’re wanting to go in the other direction. Well don’t forget the new car has to be baby friendly. I forgot a new car parent tip – if you have a tiny baby, take the car seat with you as there are cars a rear facing car seat will just not fit in. I know that only lasts for the first year, but that’s a pretty big deal for that year.

  3. get a subaru wagon like a legacy or an outback they are pretty nice to drive have a lot of room r cheaper than the 3 cars you mentioned and when slammed they look cool but thats my last 2 cents on that hahaha

    • @haha actually I did measure my garage for an Outback or legacy GT, unfortunately they are too long.

      So then I looked at Saabarus, well in my price range but a little wary of them being older and chasing down rust (again).

      @Jon yep we might bring the forward facing with us, depends on my wife’s availability and Ash’s temperament that given day. The forward facing did fit in my 3 but Lyndsey had to ride in the back for comfort.

      The idea for the daily is bags and wheels again (as I already have management) and then try to keep myself from going much further.

  4. Oh that sucks Dave. Luckily no one was hurt, well apart from the poor Mazda.

    I know the feeling, totaled the daily driver / project that I’ve been working on since 98 three years ago now. First thing on my mind was that no one was hurt. I loved that car so I just got another one and swapped everything over to the new chassis.

    You made me appreciate the 3 so I’d like a Speed3 but whatever you pick I’m sure you’ll make it cool .

    • @TripleCrownCustoms None locally seem to come standard, I will have to further delve into the availibility of these once I get back from stripping my 3 today.

      Took a look at 2 speed 3s and 2 A3s today.

  5. Always sad when a beloved vehicle gets hit and written off. Good news that no one was hurt. No doubt your next vehicle will be a ripper. Thanks for the great web site.

  6. Ouch. I wish people would JUST DRIVE and not txt and chat on the phone. Glad to hear no one was seriously injured. Good luck with the new project. I vote for 4 door GTI or 11 -13 WRX.

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