Another ‘too low’ citation in the GTA


The VW I wrote about last week (vrsexy ) recently got pulled over and pulled off the road in a Ministry of Transportation spot check. The owner shared is personal account on two of the boards I frequent:

“This is a friendly warning to all the modified cars, tonight my car was pulled off the street for being low, they had Mavis fully blocked off with two MTO cruisers and one MTO van. They pulled over and inspected every car at the Central Parkway Tim Hortons

Another set of MTO cruisers (Van and Charger) were also set up on Britannia and Mavis (Terry Fox Tim Hortons) and were inspecting cars, they literally pulled over every single modified car..

One cop told my friend who has a civic “We are coming down to Mississauga more since we notice that there are a lot of modified cars here…”

My car is pretty low and I was expecting to get a ticket, but didn’t think they would block off a major road like that…

He put my ownership paper between my tire and fender and told me to turn, when I did, he laughed and told me your ownership is stuck between the two so now we are towing you car…

I received a court summons and was told to raise it up, take pictures with a camera that has a date on it, and the prosecutor will try and help you out…”

Taken off the road for being too low
Taken off the road for being too low

For those of you keeping score this is the second car that I have posted here on that has had it’s plates pulled for being too low, I am hopefully this is not a trend.

My biggest issue, and most car enthusiasts issue in general, with cars getting pulled for being ‘too low’ is that there is no standard practice for testing if a car is too low and nor is there any specific part of the Highway Traffic Act that states when a car falls into the category of being too low and therefore unsafe to drive. Whether or not you get a ticket or have your plates removed is completely up to the officer that has pulled you over and that is wrong. If this law is to be enforced it should be documented plain and simple.

The best advice I can give you guys to avoid having your cars pulled off the road is this:
No part of your car can touch the ground but your wheels, nothing can be touching your wheels but the ground, and generally try not to drive like a jack ass (not saying everyone who gets pulled for this does) it just hurts the rest of us.

Let’s keep it low and legal.


  1. i have a friend who low like me i have a 94 miata completely gliding the ground, my friend has a prelude and recently just got a ticket where we live in the woodlands,tx ticket says straight up to low to the ground hahahahaha this just happpened on the 8th of june

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