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That Neon I posted in the “Working with what what  you’ve got post” is pretty sick, but I wasn’t sure if y’all would appreciate a post dedicated to it’s a first generation Neon. However I noticed yesterday that reader  Cody Ace was interested in seeing more photos of it, and since I aim to please I decided to throw up the 3 additional photos I have of the car.

Dumped with no skirts or lip kit in sight
Dumped with no skirts or lip kit in sight
Good to see the owner is putting something new under the hood
Good to see the owner is putting something new under the hood
The pic that peaked everyone's interest
The pic that peaked everyone

If anyone can forward a little more information on this Neon it would be greatly appreciated. These are the only pics I’ve found and I am pretty sure I spotted them on


  1. From the looks of it, he owns two neons…. One a 4 door and the other is a 2 door. Look behind the bike in the first pix.

  2. Thanks for the hook up! I’m not a neon owner (in fact I’m a 240 owner) but this car certainly caught my eye. I think it’s a great example (much like the initial blog) about ‘working with what you have/got’. With the ‘sport compact’ scene being so ‘cliquey’ of late, it’s certainly nice to see something new (even though it’s easily one of the best selling Chrysler products of all time) once in a while.

    These little cars are extremely underrated in regard to the ‘fun’ aspect, as they can certainly handle well with little input. Wouldn’t it be neat to see (granted an obvious choice though) a modern SRT4 power plant swapped into the lightweight!

  3. Glad I wasn’t seeing things, I was worried about that. 😉 Definitely odd that someone would do it twice to a Neon… I’ve thought about two Miatas and two S2000’s, but I’d rather have space to do a new build instead of working with the same platform. (Personally, anyhow.)

    Am liking the wheels, though!

    Didn’t GRM do a rally Neon build? That’s another testament to the “working with what you’ve got” type thing. I’ve seen a guy autocrossing a Neon, too. For good reason — parts are insanely cheap and easy to come by!

  4. Foxie: I totally forgot about that project car. IIRC it was recently for sale/sold too.

    I too have often thought about the two car/two style concept…would be great to have a nice little VVL Powered Sentra, and a turbo one…however I would be afraid of becoming too attached to the one, and neglecting the other.


  5. I guess the fact that most of my Neon experience was in my friend Colleen’s purple one I don’t really think of them as capable cars. It’s interesting to hear that they are though. I will keep my eye out for some more sick ones, maybe I can scrape together a Neon Theme Tuesday?

    As for two cars my bank account can’t support that and one car would just end up becoming a parts car no doubt. Is parts car a style? 😛

  6. thats my buddy’s old car. wheels are stort mad 16×8 zero offset. tires are 205 40 16. suspension was a custom coilover setup. i have the coild now on my car.

  7. I have a 1gen neon on ksport coil overs and my front are max out, so if some one can tell me what this white neon suspension setup is I would be most great full. Thanks

  8. Does anyone know if this guy had to make any mods to make the the rims fit or if they just slipped on there regularly? thanks in advance

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