Size doesn’t matter


I’m not really sure where I came across this Mini but I’m glad I did. This Mini is wears a set of CCW rims and wears them quite well. CCW rims have to be one of the more popular wheel choices of 2009, I’ve seen them on almost everything and I’m not mad at that.

I'm not up on my Mini knowledge but I'm sure there are some aftermarket tricks in that bumper
What I would do for a rig...

Our tower is bigger!
This car looks mean as hell and yet fun as hell at the same time


  1. Looks like a stock JCW bumper with a lip. The fender flares are colour matched which is a nice touch too.
    In a nutshell, tht car is HOT!

    Oh, and don’t worry… I’m working on some form of rig for next season. We’re gettin serious!

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