Readers Rides: SSgt Phil B’s Aircraft Loader


When I started this blog aside from the somewhat far fetched goal of going to SEMA I didn’t really have any goals set goals, I figured I would post and let things unfold as they will. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that one day stickers with my url would be next to a Fatlace sticker on an army vehicle, on an army base, without someone going to jail.

Although never a goal, seeing this makes me feel very, very accomplished.

SSgt Phil B contacted me in the comments of the Stickr’d post asking how he could get some stickers to throw on his hydraulic equipped Air Force Loader and contributing photographer Keven Soldo covered the cost of the stickers to make it happen.

Shortly before Christmas I went to the post office, and after a bit of confusion about sending packages out to the middle of nowhere a few Stance Is Everything url stickers were on their way to Al Dhafra United Air Force Base.

Yesterday Phil sent along some pictures of  those stickers on the loader along with some Fatlace stickers and it honestly made my week. It’s so cool to know that when he is on R and R from fighting for his country he takes time out to visit Stance Is Everything and takes time out to email me.

For a vehicle that spends it's time in the Desert it has surprisingly good stance

Wonder what its like to drive at full height
Fatlace and myself holdin it down
The clear bit was removed after these pictures were taken
How wide you guys figure these wheels are?
Phil ride that's waiting for him at home
And the man himself

I’m not going to get into the politics/controversy/opinions/whatever about ‘the war’ as there is already enough of that as it is and this isn’t the place for it.

I will say however, that I hope everyone currently fighting for what the believe in make it back home safely to their families, friends, pets and cars.

Thanks Phil for being a fan and sending in these photos!

If you want a set of your own stickers click the donate button at the bottom of this post and I will get them out to you asap.

Alternatively you can wait until my next contest/challenging question.



  1. Thanks for this post, needless to say it made my day. Now if only we can get a SIE sticker on a fighter plane…….

  2. Again…much thanks to you guys for hooking me up. I saved 1 for the turboyata once I get back.
    As for the other, tell Kevin I’m working on getting it on a jet (may not be a fighter…cuz we don’t have those here)…either way…it’s a bit more “delicate” to accomplish getting it on an AF bird.

    • Phil when you get back feel free to send in some more pics of the Miata 🙂

      Let me know if you need anymore stickers for vehicles out in the desert!

  3. I’ll def send some pics once the stance is right.

    The Mitsu is actually a truck…its one of our shop trucks. that and a V8 chevy 6-pack…lol.

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