As most of you know I did the first free run of 50 stickers not too long ago and the demand for them was much higher than I expected. When I got the first batch done I figured that 40 would go locally and 10 world wide but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Most of the stickers went outside of Canada and into the United States, and one set even went to New Zealand. As I’ve probably said before it’s an awesome feeling knowing that people all over the world are down with this blog and want to help represent it, here are some photos of people doing just that all around the world.

Meg || CarsxGirl

Meg from Cars X Girl was one of the first people to claim a set of stickers and if I recall correctly I sent her four since she has three cars in her two person family and I wanted to make sure she had a few options for all her rides. Since her 240 is currently under the knife for a motor swap she sent photos of her Miata which she drove to rookie of the year honors in her local auto cross club, sick!

Never seen a purple harness before looks great
Never seen a purple harness before looks great
This photo shows the stickers true color way better than the ones I took
This photo shows the stickers true color way better than the ones I took
Artistic shot

Nicholas Heintz’s Corolla

Nicholas sent some pics of his Green Corolla rocking a matching S.I.E. sticker. He’s doing a budget build and it looks like he is off to a great start with this clean base. I love budgets builds as they are far realistic to my wallet than high priced magazine build so hopefully he keeps me (any by association you) updated with the progress, since he already has his stance addressed fitment is next on the bill.

It's an honor to share glass space with Fat Lace
Nice clean platform to start from

Julian aka Sleep Wagon

Julian is reppin S.I.E. in  sunny California and since the weather in Toronto recently has dipped solidly below zero I really wish I was in Cali with him. Currently Julian continues to rock stock rims harder than any other car I have seen solidifying the fact that Stance Is Everything. else rock them and he I’m a huge fan of this car and super stoked to see my stickers on his ride. Once he settles on a new set of rims… game over.

Nice sticker cluster going on here, once again sharing space with Fat Lace 🙂
Julian's paint looks immaculate in every shot of his car I have received

New Batch

I’ve had a new batch of stickers run,this time blue has been dropped in favor of gun metal and gold, pink, white, green and black remain.

New batch, New colors!
New batch, New colors!

Since the first round of stickers was on me I have setup a pay pal donation button to cover the cost for the third round of stickers.

My goal is that the money from the url stickers just goes back into more url stickers until I get around to making a few designs that will hopefully fund the production of url stickers entirely then they can go back to being free.

To get a set of the new stickers click the button below and make a donation, once you have made the donation email me with your shipping address, color preference, and the email your donation came from and I will ship out your stickers.

There is no minimum or maximum donation so feel free to do whatever you like, I’m not looking to make a profit I have a job for that.

If the iframe above does not work for you click here to go straight to the donation button.

I’m going to set up a page specifically for ordering stickers soon so once that’s up I will throw the link here and on the homepage.


  1. Naw, I only stole three. 😉 Apologies for not getting them on the others yet, still have to convince hubby that his S2k is stanced (if not before, it’s a word now) enough to rock it, and when the 240’s up and running she’ll get her SIE sticker, in green, plus the green illest sticker I’ve been saving for her.

    Hope to see more of that Corolla around here, looking nice. Jealous. 😛

  2. Hook me up so I can put one on our airforce Aircraft Loader here in Al Dhafra, UAE (aka the desert).
    If it’s any consolation, my loader has the illest set of hydraulics! Its got some wicked stance man!
    (plus I want one for my Miata…)

  3. Could we get pics of the sticker on an aircraft carrier promsed to us? It’d be awesome to see just how stance doesn’t only apply to ground vehicles!

  4. I did say Aircraft Loader….not carrier….I’m not in the Navy.

    Once I get the stickers, I’ll splash them on & send the pics out asap.

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