WTF Friday: Coming or going?


When I was writing about this weeks totally unexpectedly popular post on the Boso Box I came across quite a few funny looking Boso cars. This one however is really something, the whole Boso thing makes me question what exactly is required to register a car for the streets of Japan…

I’m actually not even sure what kind of car this is a Nissan President maybe? So I guess this car raises two questions WTF is going on here and WTF kind of car is this?

Double the fun!

Not sure why it was done but it's farily well done....

Site Updates

Got another feature lined up for the upcoming week or so and I am planning on installing the word press mobile plug in to make mobile browsing easier.

I think I will be around/near a computer for one of if not both of the days of this weekend so I should be able to throw up some Sunday Swag or Random Dopeness so drop by between drinks, food, fun and friends.


  1. Oh, wow. This brings a whole new meaning to my, “Ass-face car…”

    ^Story behind that — New eclipse = blech, and the front and rear look a LOT alike…. So the husband and I started to make fun of them, saying, “Is that car pulled in or backed in? Which way is it facing? I can’t tell! Its ass looks like its face!”

    Sooooo ya. lol.

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