WTF Friday: Just throw it in four low


When I first saw these pictures it took a little while for me re realize what was going on. My brain struggled with the fact that someone drove on public roads like this.

I really wish there was video to go with it, imagine the stopping distance?

Sittin low out back, if these tires het the bed, game over!
Wow looks like this little Ford is hauling some heavy machinary, what is that a tractor?
Nope it's pulling two, count em, two heavy ass old school built monster trucks

Blows my mind that this even happened.

This has nothing to do with the above pics but made me LOL...they see me rollin they hatin

Site Updates

I’m thinking of whipping up an event calendar soon, it should help people in Toronto know whats coming up and help me remember which events I should attend since I have a questionable memory.

It’s a long weekend here in Canada as well so I will probably try and make a post or two over the weekend and maybe work on some new sticker designs or something as I am getting pretty low on the current ones and new ones are always fun.

Other than that it’s business as usual.

Flashback Friday

This picture still makes me laugh. ‘Stock Suspension!!’ Indeed.

Looks like a fun ride, I'll pass

Remember cops are going to be out in full force this weekend! So think before you act.


  1. that hauler rimindes me of the time i had my 175 pound plasterd semmi concius mate on the back of a 50 cc moped at 5am not verry fast and pointless stearing oh and the arabic photo is what the dune blasting nutters do in the emerates after dark there are vids on youtube all tho for a susuki jimmani owner its every day time you go round a corner

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