WTF Friday: The Silver Shadow


When it comes to large luxury automobiles brands such as Maybach, Bentley, and Rolls Royce I can’t really relate to them. Mostly because I am not exceedingly wealthy and I’m not the type of person to be driven around, hell I have only ever been in a limo once.

However this Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, which is a few years old now, I can relate to because it’s a Hemi powered 1350HP beast which the owner goes out and runs it down the track between show appearances

It’s also got a leather wrapped roll cage and lots of TV’s to watch for the passengers on those fuel stop filled road trips since this car only gets four miles per gallon.

How many Rolls can do this?
572 cubic inches of get you there on time
Installed in lots of get your there in style
The interior work on this car is incredible.
Really like the choice in color
The aformentioned wrapped cage can be seen here
I need 2 bottles, the big ones

More of the vital info on this car can be found Little Joe’s Rod Shop.

Site Updates

Stickers, stickers, stickers.

I am going to be working on two new winter sticker designs over the next couple days and will have a contest announcement early next week with 3 possible sticker packs to be one thanks to

Just in time for Christmas!

Flashback Friday

Going to take it back a local e36 I know are in storage right now from a post titled “This is how it’s done

Style 5's still kil it

If you are interested Kurt is also building an m3 track car which you can follow on


  1. I remember seeing pics of the that Hemi RR from SEMA last year. I was also informed that the original owner sold it at Barrett Jackson. Oh well, it’s still badass….now if only we could fit a Merlin V12 in there….

  2. I think Barrett is the next big thing I want to weasel my way into. I know someone who went and said it was awesome.

    I think if you sat in the back a Merlin might work?

  3. As extensive as BJ is, I’d recommend Monterey and the auctions held by RM there, especially during Monterey Historics. You get to watch vintage racing, and check out some extremely rare cars at the auction and the race. Although it is a tad expensive…it’s worth it.

    Oh, and I suppose that the back of a RR is supposed to be more comfortable than the front, so you get the best of both worlds, except for vision…looking down about 7 feet of front seat and hood might hinder it slightly…

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