WTF Friday: Nothing Is Sacred


I’ve posted more than my fair share of eyebrow raising motor swaps and conversions both here on the site and on the fan page but I think this one just might take the cake.

Regarded by many -including Enzo Ferrari- as one of the most beautiful cars ever built very few people see it necessary to do much of anything to the Jaguar E-Type.

However, someone, somewhere (presumably in the late 70s) acquired an E-Type and decided to turn it into a quarter mile demon.


I wasn’t able to find any further information on this particular car, but it looks like it has a thousand stories to tell so if anyone has any info please share!

Spotted on Just A Car Guy via Bavarian Tendencies.

Site Updates

I’ll be at Tuner Invasion in Hamilton on Sunday selling stickers and appeal, come say hello!


Don’t think I’ve ever been to a show in the Hammer before…

Flashback Friday

I honestly can’t think of anything even comparable to today’s car but I still do quite like the Pacemaker from a WTF Friday in 2011…

You can check that post out here.


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