WTF Friday: Spitting Image


I’m sure, that at some point, most of us, have owned one vehicle while simultaneously wanting another.

I’m also pretty sure that very few of us are in a position to purchase vehicle, after vehicle, when our interests change with the passing seasons.

This means often we have to make do with what we have. When it comes to modification, given enough time, a nice middle ground can be found between what you want and what you have.

However on certain occasions it’s virtually impossible to bridge the gap between project A and vision B, and this 1976 Spitfire 1500 “rat rod” is a perfect example.

While not the exact car used to create the one below this was the starting point…
…and this was the end point

The eBay listing for this vehicle does little to explain exactly how this car came to be –or where the original sheet metal went– but it does mention what “few” (seat belts, wiring, and wheel spacers) things needs to be completed to make it street legal.

The ad also mentions that it drives both forwards and backwards, though something about the wording makes me question whether or not it turns.

I suppose insignificant details like that are better discussed in person.

This and the angle below are perhaps the best attributes…
I actually don’t mind the rear wheel set-up all that much..
…but this wheel set-up…
Shocking how far this has come from the original, quite attractive, side profile
I’m really curious if the body started as something else…like a shed

I’m sure buried somewhere in the insanity that is turning a ’76 Spit Fire into a hot rod lays the owners original vision but to the casual onlooker this car is …well… odd.

To my surprise it seems like turning a Triumph into a hot rod has been done at least one time successfully as pictured below:


Who knew?


  1. spitfires are well crap but thats a shambles and why not rover v8 the bugger like a normal suicidal spitfire owner

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