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The internet has dubbed Thursday (along with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) a day in which we look back, so for this week’s #throwbackthursday I took the time to compile an archive of the Stance Is Everything Fitted Lifestyle event coverage.

From it’s inception in 2010 as ‘Stretch & Poke’, the staff at Fitted have put on refined, enjoyable, quality, events, and as such Fitted has become the one show in the GTA you can count on virtually everyone to attend.

Their 2014 Toronto event was announced this week, and you can find the flyer with the vital details below:


If you have never been to a fitted Lifestyle event take a look at a few of the photos below, and hop over to the archives by clicking here.

I have also, at popular request, created an Event Listing for the upcoming 2014 season, it’s updated weekly and there is a submission form at the bottom if I forgot to put up your event!

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