WTF Friday: BMW M42Powered Ford Anglia 105E


Doing my rounds this week looking for something to post today I found myself on The Amazo Effect (which I have not visited in a while) and stumbled across this peculiar looking hot rod of sorts.

I couldn’t tell what it was at first glance, and the reason for that is because the starting point for this car is a Ford Anglia 105e, one of several cool UK only Fords that never made their way over here.


This car of course looks nothing like it did when it left the factory care of a chop and channeling job.

Other unique exterior features include the trick location for the turn signals, Cadillac lights, and an exhaust that exits right behind the rear wheel.


The interior is a hearty dose of customization as well and the olive drab color from the exterior flows inside complimented by splashes of gold/brass and raw metal seats.

The twine wrapped wheel is a nice cherry on top, as it were.


The chassis looks to be custom crafted from at least the firewall forward, and in front of that firewall is a BMW M42 engine. Why a BMW motor? I guess the answer here is why not.


More photos of this outstanding car can be found over at The Amazo Effect


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