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When this site started Instagram didn’t exist and being an old fart (in internet years) it took me awhile to jump from twitter to Instagram.

Now that I’m a regular user I must admit that it does making keeping track of a lot of things fairly easy and efficient. It has also, much to my surprise, become a place where I keep track of or learn about quite a few builds.

Sure there are a lot of terrible “for the ‘gram” builds there but once you weed through those there are a number of really cool cars and trucks being built.

Today I’ve rounded up just shy of ten, and in the odd case that the build exists outside of Instagram I’ve linked to it as well.


I mentioned this build before in a WTF Friday post but they have really been moving on it lately so I felt I should post it again.

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How we all feel right about now…..

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While completing the motor swap alone would be a feat Colorado Auto & Parts is going all out with build addressing and updating nearly every component of the vehicle.

The motor has fired a few times both in and out of the truck, and they are pushing hard to get it up to snuff to make the project drivable.

If you’re wondering the vision for the end product, it’s something like this

I have a sneaking suspicion they might be pulling this one together for SEMA but I wasn’t able to find confirmation at a quick glance.

@R’S Garage

This build was really popular the tail end of last year and I can’t remember if it was Instagram or Facebook where I spotted it first. 2JZ big turbo Subaru wagon is hard to argue with and doesn’t really need much selling.

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But that paint and those wheels and yet to be built flares/widebody should be enough to grab you interest should the engine not.

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Them hips.

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Time for a wash ??

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Cut it all ✂️

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The build seems to have made the hop over to Facebook recently so you can catch up on the most recent progress there, it was also feature on Speedhunters not so long ago.


This build came to my attention after the owner/builder stole the show at Wekfest a few months back.

Working from a render created by Aaron Beck James Schwartz has built a truly one of a kind, F20 powered, 1930 Model A five window coupe.

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Story time/Throwback to October when I came across a CL add 2 hours south about an original 1930 model A 5 window coupe. No photos just a brief description, now one major challenge with these cars are a lot of older gentlemen own them/ build them that don't really know how to work technology and post photos nor send photos and all they want to communicate through is email. This photo took 2 months to receive but I knew the moment I saw it this was the one. With that being said it took 3 months of slow communication to convince him to part ways with the body as that is all I really needed. Crazy to see where she is now instead of rotting in a backyard. Thanks for all the love on her recently! #modela #TheGreatDepression

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Super interesting in both execution and fabrication work, James has been steadily chipping away at the build to get it to a point he deems as “completed”. Recently (well somewhat recently) released a little youtube video of the car.

I imagine once it’s up to his standards more coverage will emerge.


Remember the insanely well-built LS Miata I posted in the Importfest coverage? Well it belongs to Brad Ruiter aka @scradley54. In that coverage I mentioned calling it an LS-Swapped Miata was a bit of an under sell and here’s why.

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Rolling soon 🙂 #miata #mx5 #lsxswap

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Mild wire tuck and shaved bay #miata

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Yeah, it’s got one of the nicest integrated tube front ends I’ve ever seen complimented by awesome metal work and finish colors. Even if you are not a fan of v8 Miatas you have to admit this car is the real deal.

It’s also not the only cool vehicle he owns, these are his too:

In addition to Instagram there’s also a Club Roadster build thread for the Miata but it looks like most of the images are dead.


I think I first saw this build on Stanceworks but it was so long ago I can’t really be certain. At any rate Shawn is an outstanding Artist out of California who’s building a “Street Legal Sculpture” in pursuit of love, inertia, and the perfect stance.

His instagram is a mesh of his project Econoline van and art installations and quite honestly one of the more interesting accounts that I follow. Artists tackling builds isn’t something I come across often but the ones I have seen usually turn out pretty awesome because artists have an attention to detail and creativity someone with a purely mechanical mind doesn’t always have.

Take for example his centre console/engage cover

Have you ever seen something quite like it before? Me Either.

More information on the direction of this build and the mindset behind it can be found here Shawn’s website.\


Matt’s work has been featured here pretty much any time fabrication is mentioned ant that is because he’s really, really, good at it.

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Got my exhaust knocked off the list finally ?#progress

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Similar to Shawn he’s got an artistic side which means that a lot of his work come out looking very aesthetically pleasing as well as 100% functional and useful.

He also dabbles in art now and again, all of which is awesome as well.

But his continued Dodge project is his main focus of late and gets better every time I see it.


I have to admit when I first saw this build I thought it was a joke. I mean the wheels are so damn wide that I couldn’t believe someone was seriously thinking about fitting them under a car. When I saw they were destined for an e30 I just about put my phone down and walked away.
However Sebo Wang seems to be pretty determined to fit the super wide BBS wheels and fit them properly. By properly I mean no universal flares, no gobs of camber, and no tires stretched to an insane degree. Buddha Concept Designs is doing the work the same shop that handled the metal wide body on this Lexus GS, so the car is in good hands.

Under the hood is a turbo s50 that he says will do for now.

His Instagram isn’t strictly about the car (gym and significant other photos make up the rest) but as far as I can tell it’s the only place to get consistent updates.


This widebody LS powered 911 is one of the few out-of-town builds on this list that I have actually seen in person.

It was “complete” at SEMA 2014 and like many a SEMA project for sale soon after.

Thankfully (owner might disagree on that one) it didn’t sell it seems like they are wrenching on it again, at least for the sake of LSfest.

Hopefully some video of the car driving turns up after LSfest because idle videos are not enough!


This is actually the build that inspired this entire post. Baker’s “4 Seater Whoop Eater” is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. A Ford LTD (famously called a Ford POS in the movie Men In Black) turned into a trophy truck… err car? Outstanding.

At 64 posts deep this build got really serious real quick. First under the hood.
Then suspension wise along with a bit of fire
Then the most recent additions a fibreglass front end.
The whole kit works a treat too.
I don’t often recommended lifted builds but if there’s any I do recommend following it is this one.

I have this real sinking feeling that I’m forgetting a few obvious builds or two so if you have any that you’re following let me know in the comments and I’ll either add them to this post or save them for a follow up.

In the meantime I am going to keep thinking and waiting for that bolt of lighting to hit me that will remind me of some builds I left out.

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