WTF Friday: LS Swap…You’re Doing It Wrong?


Today LS swapped S-chassis are pretty common. Some might say all too common. The typical recipe is to grab a 4.8 or 5.3 from a truck, remove truck components, replace them with car accessories, wire it up and Bob’s your uncle.

This San Diego resident decided that was too straight forward and went about things a much more difficult way by selecting a 2007 Monte Carlo SS as his donor.


The SS of that year uses a 5.3 LS4 in a transaxle configuration meaning that the easiest way to get the motor in the car was to put it in the back.



Though the idea isn’t a bad one, and the owner claims it runs excellent, the execution leaves quite a bit to be desired and quite frankly I’m not sure it yields the $6000 asking price.

Never the less should you be interested in a rear engine LS project this is still sitting on the San Diego Craiglist.


  1. sorry to be the typo police but i think you meant donor car. great post though what in the actual fuck happened here free donor car or just to be different and id hate to blow the engine probably would send a whole lot of shrapnel your way without any fire wall hopefully that seats bullet proof hahaha

  2. @haha good catch. I woke up this morning thinking I made a typo (really) and I was worried it was your vs you’re. I’ll take solar haha. And yeah, if the motor popped you might perish.
    @Dorian B, the rear suspension looks very suspect.

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