WTF Friday: Body Dropped W114


Cruising the build section of the Stance | Works forums the other day I came across a thread titled ‘Sedes body dropped w114’.

Body drops always intrigue me, and further so when they are cars, so I clicked and found a pretty interesting father son project that goes a little something like this:

Son bought rusty Mercedes Benz w114.


He swiftly cut it up and discarded basically everything but the exterior panels.


Meanwhile dad was cutting up a second generation s10 binning everything but the chassis, firewall, and floor.


Together they did the necessary things to make said chassis touch the floor, ie bags, notch, 4 link and so on.




During this time the s10 chassis dimensions were also altered slightly for what most have you have probably figured out is the next step, putting the Benz body on the s10 frame.


Of course getting it to sit like that required a bit more cutting.


And putting it all back together required quite a bit more welding.



For power the motor will be a trusty small block Chevy which I can only imagine will be refreshed significantly given the skill of this father son duo.


As of recently the frame was then sent off for painting and the like and the lines were plumbed.


The build is still ongoing and you can follow it right here along with me, I’ve seen s10 chassis under a lot of things but this is certainly a first!


  1. I’ve seen pictures of people combining various s10 parts with other cars and trucks, but I have to say… this is a first. Can’t wait to see it done.

    Also, don’t forget Dave that British Car Day is in Bronte Creek tomorrow. Would love to see your take on some of the cars there.

    • I’m at Meeting of the Mazdas some of the day tomorrow. But I have to be out all day with Ash because we are showing our house so maybe I’ll do both.

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