WTF Friday: It’s Royalty


Mike McConnell of The Dub Dynasty sent me this e36 a few weeks back and I completely forgot about it until today.

LS powered e36s are nothing new, but this is perhaps the most “no f*cks given” example I’ve ever seen.


Nicknamed the ‘GMW’ this car appears to be a beater/track rat of the highest order powered by a Mad Max-esque looking LS.



It doesn’t look like it would pass tech at any track I know of, but it does seem street legal, so maybe it just intentionally looks haphazard.


At any rate I was able to find the builder on instagram . At the very least he looks to be having fun with it.


  1. that is the dirtiest e36 ever with an ls but its so gnarly i just want to do burnouts and create general chaos in the driver seat bet its as fun as it looks hahaha and i love how they flipped the headers fuck an exhaust system haha cops probably dont dig it hahaha

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