Theme Tuesdays: AMC Gremlins


A really awesome bagged Gremlin scraped through my news feed this past weekend and became the catalyst for today’s Theme Tuesday.

Though they have a ‘hate it or love it’ look about them, and were not all that powerful being built during the 70s fuel crisis, their relatively cheap cost but high durability made the Gremlin a somewhat popular race car (drag mostly) in the 70s and beyond.

Drag, dirt track, and even pro touring examples were easily found while finding ones put on the ground was a little harder. Of course as always I did manage and those are down near the bottom.

I seem to come across a Gremlin ever other year, this was at the ELTA Summer Bash
Prior to the one above this was the last Gremlin I saw in person
Over 1000hp under the hood of this particular green and black monster
Up until today I thought this car only did passes with its wheels well in the air

Turns out it does do some trips down the strip four wheels down
Turns out it does do some trips down the strip four wheels down in about 8 seconds. The motor is a 499CI AMC plant if you’re wondering
A trio of AMCs from Hot Rod Magazine, all three run tens and two are the car of the hour, more info can be found here
Sadly everything I dug up on this car was tiny and horrible quality, but can you imagine the tubs on this?


At some point in the history of modified racing Gremlin bodies were used, in some regularity. Odd.
Schwartz Racing is building this particularly bad-ass Gremlin which will retain AMC power, use Ridetech suspension, Baer 14″ brakes and a custom chassis
It’s also bodied on 335/30 wheels on 18″ xxrs. The build thread of this project is here on
This interesting chopped, raw Gremlin comes from


Not just interesting on the outside it is also blown
Apologies for the postage stamp image sizing on this one!


Second to last we’ve got this one hit wonder. I’ll go out on a limb and say a minitrucker built it but I can’t find any more information…
I actually found the car above in an early build thread of Mike Lowe’s Gremlin
notstock recently had a shoot scheduled with this car and I can’t wait to see what he does with it

There’s been a request I do Toyota Siennas next but I’m all ears for future ideas!


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