WTF Friday: Jag That Runs


It seems that almost any time I post a Jaguar it has been modified wildly different than its original, slightly posh British cruiser, intentions.

As cliché as the term is this XJS is no exception.


Starting life as a standard XJS this Jaguar is now a Pro Street, driveable, quarter-mile car that looks as impressive as it’s spec sheet reads.


Under the hood is 350 stroked to 383 with a B&M blower for some more roar when the loud pedal is trounced. It’s backed by a TH350 automatic trans with 2800 stall that goes to a Ford 9″ rear end.


The body was painted ten years ago when it was converted and the chassis sees a ladder bar coil-over set up in the back.


Being a Jag it’s got a few electrical issues (turn signals, slow windows etc.) but is otherwise apparently a great driver.



Looks really cool too, if you’re into the Pro Street look.

The car was bid up to just under 12.5 once then re-listed with a starting bid of 11.5 but it doesn’t say it sold so I wonder where it may have ended up, or if the owner just decided to keep it and do burnouts until the end of time.


  1. Not sure about now, but a few years ago you just about couldn’t give away an older Jaguar in the UK. A neighbor (or neighbour, because British English, lol!) had an XJ12 sedan that spent more time with the hood up than actually running.

    Pro-street kinda suites the XJ-S though.

    • Yeah my dad always swore up an down that they were unreliable as all heck.

      I spell it neighbour too until my browser nags with the red squiggles.


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