WTF Friday: Off Track


The cold makes people do weird things, especially the cold out here in Ontario that is several degrees below 0 for week-long stretches.

Some people will do damn near anything to avoid having to spend time in the cold, and if spending time in the cold is necessary do whatever they can to make it as fun as possible.

This is how, I imagine, things like skis, snowboards, and snowmobiles came to be and I’m pretty sure it’s how this once Suzuki Samurai started down the path to becoming the subject of today’s WTF Friday.

Posted in a local Facebook for sale group the photo above reveals a hilarious looking snow worthy vehicle (though I have my questions about how well those front wheels will fare).

Sadly the vehicle no longer looks like it does above with the tracks having taken a vacation some years ago.

The motor, which now resides in the rear, and uses a center mounted sprocket to connect to the drive axle, apparently does run quite well aside from a small fuel leak.

It’s a bit of a basket case inside but really looks like a good bit of cleaning and some rocker guard on the floor and it would be great for ripping around some private property.

Currently sitting on four wheels front and rear it looks more than a little goofy, but I could see a lot of fun in this thing if someone where to take the time and restore it to its former glory.

It’s only $500 now on Facebook so if you’ve got some extra coin kicking around, and the cold has you thinking less than clear, it might be a great impulse buy. If you do be sure to send updates.

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