Theme Tuesdays: Supremes and Whites


The Astro Supreme wheel is a staple of car customization. It is right up there with the strikingly similar American Racing Torque Thrust wheel, and the omnipresent BBS mesh well.

The design may be simplistic, but it is still iconic, and due to it’s simplicity it is highly unlikely that it will ever go out of style. Pair the wheel with white wall tires, and you’re left with one of the most timeless combinations of all time.

Why it took me so long to pay homage, I am not sure, but it’s time.

This picture is really old, I’d say Circa 2010 but since Supremes are timeless so is the car
I can’t be the only one who would appreciate more dune buggys in the world can I?
Beetles are not the only aircooled Volkswagens to wear Supremes elegantly
Withheld this one from the Corvette Theme Tuesday just for this post
Supreme wheels + a faked roof… perfect
I’m a thin white guy myself but several vehicles in this post, like this C10 make a hell of an argument for thick whites
I feel like if we ever met Speedhunters Mike Garret and myself would get along
This drawing almost looks like it could have inspired the truck above, it came from
Astro Supreme wheels are the only wheel fitting of any version “The Bloody Mary”
Simple, Los Boulevardos style will always win me over
I don’t think I have ever seen one of these in person. It is a 62 Chrysler if you’re wondering
This truck sold, sadly with the wheels, had I known Dick was selling it I would have scooped them up
Astros, candy paint, and lake side pipes? Awesome.
Fat whites once more on this dope Ford
Lots of details in this truck I wouldn’t mind working into my own..
I just love paint jobs like this
Going to close things out with this truck, not sure where it is these days but it was a mighty fine looker

Some of you might be wondering if I like these wheels so darn much why don’t I get a set for Project Why Wait? Well, considering their price and the price of steelies there’s a chance I just might get both! Time will tell.


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