Theme Tuesdays: C10s Part II


This weekend, while listening to C10 talk out in the garage, I decided it was due time for a second C10 Theme Tuesday to follow the original post from 2013.

C10s have always a great platform to start with, but they have become particularly popular in the last three years or so. At this point they are, or at least are quickly becoming, the ‘new’ affordable classic truck.

In Ontario we’re lucky enough to have several cool ones floating around many of which are in this post. I have also included a few noteworthy examples from SEMA trips over the years, and a couple popular internet trucks for good measure.

This photo is a big reason I take a lot of dead on rolling shots, it’s so perfect
For those wondering this truck sounds as good as it looks
This truck was the subject of a SEMA Showstopper post from 2016, the subtle body modifications (especially the bed) are stellar
Another SEMA Showstopper, the (infamous?) Radial C10
Really hope to see/hear about this truck running some day
I was, or rather am, a huge fan of phantom grills in the right application, and this is indeed the right application
The last SEMA build I’ll post, this behemoth belongs to Paul Tracy

And now for a brief video intermission:

What better way to tow your project C10, than with a second C10?
This truck is sold now (I believe to a stateside owner) but what a finished product it became
This is going back a few years but the truck is still around as far as I know and still awesome
This truck was from Motorama a few years ago and was built for the same person who owned this previously featured Advanced Design Truck
I have a decade old truck Magazine with this truck in it, miraculously the condition is the same
Now diesel-powered this C10 is a pretty awesome ‘rat’ truck
I believe Carryalls actually carry their own chassis designation code, but for the sake of this post I will leave this one here
The very first time I saw this truck was at SEMA, to my surprise a few months later it ended up here in Ontario
This truck has an impressive presence about it with wide rubber and a healthy motor underhood
Classic Car Studios ‘Tiffany’ was one of my favorite vehicles at the 2017 Detroit Autorama
Sure it was also at SEMA but Autorama was my first time seeing the truck!

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