Theme Tuesdays: Jeep Rods


Building a hot rod –and arguably any car for that matter– should be about creating exactly what you want. If you’ve got the tools and skill to build the car that won’t stop running laps in your mind then by all means do it.

And if that car is a Jeep crossed with a hot rod then more power to you. Just don’t expect everyone to like it.

Jeep Rods , like the Volksrods (and like the smaller Porscherod segment) typically cause a knee jerk reaction.

The reaction is usually love,  or hate, with little in-between. Because of this, if you’re a Jeep,  Willys, or Powerwagon purist this post likely isn’t for you.

But,  if you’re the type that loves a bit of everything and believes there are no rules to hot rod building then this post is for you.

This ’48 Jeep was the subject of a previous WTF Friday titled Pleasantly Surprised, and it’s a great way to kick things off
The hardest part of a ‘Jeep Rod’ seems to be getting the proportions sorted. Some vehicles take pushing the axle in front of the grill quite well. Others look varying degrees of exaggerated,  like this ’52 M37 Dodge Power Wagon – via
The extremely stretched wheel base on this build probably produces interesting handling characteristics. The military theme throughout is pretty rad though – Via Off Road Extreme
This chassis, while still stretched, comes off much more naturally when compared to the two above
This particular vehicle was built by an off-road enthusiast using parts he didn’t use for his off-road builds, including the ‘off fire’ v6 – Via
Not over the top, with a splash of deep purple accenting, this Jeep Rod is quite solid.
Given that this car is probably lower than the door handles of most other cars (at ride height no less) the plate is probably fairly valid
I really dig this one low slung, classic color palate, and nothing looks exaggerated
This 1970s Willys boasts a 420HP small block – Via: topclassicsforsale
This Japanese build might be the odd man out in this post, but it’s too cool to leave out.
It’s cool to see an SR under the hood too
It looks like this might be a little out-of-place at the event it was pictured – Via:
Fuel Tank has a ton of wicked features, like this Willys hot rod build  from Thialand – Via: Fuel Tank Mag
The ‘Iron Rat’ is a great looking 1UZ powered Jeep Hot Rod A full rundown of features can be found on Super Street – Via: Super Street

Twin Turbo 454 YJ, well alright then!

@rustanddust at h2o

He clearly has some great taste!

A little (or a lot) of Hemi power never hurt anyone…

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