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Much to my dismay, many a build thread has moved over to Instagram. For the how-to enthusiast this is less than ideal, because Instagram really isn’t the best medium for in-depth mechanical break downs.

However, for quick updates, even I’ll admit it does work well. Unfortunately every time Instagram muddles with their troublesome, mysterious, algorithm builds get harder and harder to find.

For example I follow every builder in this post and I still had a heck of a time remembering the names and dredging them back up to the forefront of my timeline.

Frustrating, but it is what it is. Here are ten more Instagram builds you ought to follow.

1. @hammeredweekendwear

I was put onto this build while I was on The Our Life Style Podcast. Ron is building a pretty wild bagged and bodied third generation Ford Bronco.

Full disclosure his Instagram isn’t dedicated solely to this truck, but if you also like minitruck clothing then you won’t mind giving him a follow.

The light at the end of the tunnel is a truck that will be able to skate on massive 24×15″ wheels in the rear.

Not shying away from the OJ references he’s currently attempting to get the Juice to autography the glove box. You know, if someone out there reading this knows somebody.

2. @Kong_Quest

Dodge Conquests are a totally under appreciated vehicle. They look far better than most people give them credit for and they are right wheel drive.

Decently rare today, they are the perfect base for an a-typical build.

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Local Coffee and Cars

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This particular Conquest is LS powered (yay) and runs a unique cantilever suspension in the rear.

If you’re wondering about the body panels Richard is building his own quarters, from scratch, out of carbon fiber.

He’s currently pretty deep into the creation of said panels so if you’re into custom bodywork now is a great time to follow.

3. @bossroadster

I try to keep these posts unique, with no repeats, but sometimes exceptions have to be made.

I’ve included the Boss Roadster again because it’s been largely torn apart once more.

Not completely happy with the car the first time around, Tommy has taken it back down to nearly nothing so he can properly address various the issues that cropped up with version 1.0.

The old saying that projects are never ever really done applies here.

For this second go round he’s addressing mechanical issues like drive angles, as well as aesthetic points like the tail lights.

4. Officialpro10

Pro touring trucks are awesome. And the Official Pro 10, C10, is further proof of this. Originally a Nascar short track truck, the fiberglass body has been removed, now replaced with modified factory sheet metal.

This build actually crosses over between Facebook and Instagram so you can choose your own adventure in regards to staying up to date.

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Wrapping up the final mounting of the bodywork. Had to get some weights to send to @ridetechsuspension . Chris over there will work to magic on a set triple adjustables, tons of tunablility and killer quality. Exhaust is sorted to the collectors, once Shawn had the rest of the system done the whole set will be taken apart for final welding. Progress, daily! @snapon_official @fuelsafe @wilwooddiscbrakes @thearclight @speedsociety @racequip @shifts3ctor @bangshift @pro_touring_garage @protouringmag @lsx @1320video @autometerproducts @transamracing @vintageracing @mobiletechlucky @c10buildersguide  @c10.nation @c10trucks  @knfilters @brianlohnes  @ridetechsuspension @msdperformance @gulfracingfuel @holleyperformance @vibrant_performance @seifertmetalcraft @renderedrides

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If your into circle track cars, street cars, and c10s this is one build you should definitely be following.

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Chop cut rebuild. Going to update the coilover mounts so those sexy RideTech race coilovers fit right just right. Also, these become "weight jacks" so we can change ride height easily without affecting spring tension. Added some steel plate under the passenger seat, picked up a little weight but won't have to run a structure under for mounts. One step forward, couple back. @ridetechsuspension @holleyperformance @speedhut @seifertmetalcraft @racequip @stoptech @ronsutton_racetechnology @troywitthar @c10.nation @c10trucks @c10crew @speedsociety @c10talk @vibrant_performance @edelbrockusa @atlas_performance16 @tiltoneng @renderedrides @putuporshutupshow @1320video @pro_touring_garage

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I think the intent is to have the truck ready for SEMA of this year, so things should really get cooking in a few months.

5. sinster_d100

If the truck above wasn’t quite enough, you can also follow its nasty step child the Sinster D100.

Similar to officalpro10 it’s a short track Nascar truck that’s being converted for street use.

This one is pretty new so if you hop on board now you won’t miss much.

6. @targatruck

I can’t mention race trucks without posting Mark Bovey’s Targa Truck. Mark’s truck has been quite unique for a long time but, with his sights set on hill climb it’s had to go under the knife for some significant changes.

By significant I mean he cut the darn thing in half to install a new cage and moved the motor so far back far it’s practically a passenger.

It has since been welded back together and recently landed at Cyrious Garageworks. Where it goes from here, well, that’s anyone’s guess.

7. @mikegtcustom

This isn’t so much a solitary build as it is a collection of whatever the hell Mike is building at the time.

Currently Mike is working on a TE72 wagon that he should will be sliding on the track as early as this Saturday.

Mike’s attention to detail, talent and plain speed is nearly unrivaled. He took his new battle wagon from a hunk of nothing to track ready seemingly overnight.

The craziest thing is there’s no guarantee he’ll even have it next month because something new could catch his eye seemingly at a whim.

8. @pipey_mcgraw

I could have sworn I posted Pipey’s build in a previous ‘builds you should be following’ post but alas I had not.

This Jaguar E-type took the internet by storm a few months ago when it was debuted at Retro Rides. Then it had a Mazda20b motor under hood.

Today that motor has been yanked, and replaced with a BMW S65 V8 instead.

The reasoning? He was tired of dealing with getting the rotary to run right.

Obviously the new motor in no way takes away from the sheer awesomeness that is a completely custom, dumped, swapped Jaguar.

9. @toland_24

I follow a few different trucks like Project Why Wait on Instagram but Brandon Toland’s #slick50 is a little different from the rest.

First, he’s keeping the straight six motor in the truck. This isn’t really common because the straight six motors are really nothing to write home about. They often leak, are expensive to modify, and stock just make highway speeds.

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Bring on the weekend. #slick50

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As though he’s a sucker for punishment he’s also retaining the straight axle in the front, despite making the choice to put it on air.

The road less traveled seems to be the road #slick50 is going to occupy.

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Love that sound. #slick50

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Tripling down he’s also using a very unique under-slung rear suspension set up.

With such side wheels out rear I’m really curious how he’s going to handle the rear fenders so I’m keen to follow along.

10. @carvalho_sean

The final build for this post is a Triumph GT-6 project that I’ve actually had an open invite to go check out for over a year now.

Like most of the other builds featured today Sean’s Instagram isn’t solely dedicated to his car, but it’s pretty close.

Sean, who studied mechanical engineering, is giving his Triumph the heart of a Mazda MX-5. This will give it a bump in performance and reliability.

But he’s not just slapping the motor in there. While the thing is blown apart he’s addressing the frame, suspension, body, and wiring.

This one’s no walk in the park and he’s also documented it a little bit more in depth on blogspot.

There’s also a few other very interesting cars in the shop that make an appearance on Sean’s Instagram, but those are another post for another time.

Want to follow more builds? Check out Ten Instagram Builds You Should Be Following Part 1 and Part 2.

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