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My most recent editorial titled “We’re Killing Automotive Media“, may have left some with the impression that I despise Instagram but that isn’t the case at all.

Instagram is great way to share and absorb a lot of media in a short period of time –I’d just prefer it were original content– additionally it’s a fantastic channel to discover new builders and their builds.

However due to the speed in which things come and go it is just as easy to forget about builds as it is to follow them. This means these ‘Instagram builds you should follow’ posts work in two ways; it introduces new builds to you, and gives me an easy place to reference in the future when I wonder what ever happened to…


There is not a ton of content in this space quite yet but I think this Neomotorsports sponsored FC RX7 is going to build into something really awesome really soon.

The goal here with this local build is a Global Time Attack competition car done on an average budget with a lot of hard work.

Paco’s Toyota Previa – @tofudriftvan

What’s not to like about a Toyota Previa that drifts? The ‘Hoonivan’ is a trip down the rabbit hole of unique drift platforms that also features pod cast snippets along the way.

I’ve been following this one ever since I featured it on a WTF Friday post last year if you like random burnouts you will like this feed.

Stephen Van Sleuwen’s e46 – @moneygangsteve

I touched on this one in the coverage of the Money Gang BBQ last weekend but Steve has gone ‘full titty’ this year with his e46. New turbo, new manifold, new angle kit, fiberglass roof, rear mounted radiator, and Vibrant everything.

This car should be a beast, and he just started on his over fenders.

Jason Bos’s Widebody Volkswagen Golf – @jb_maf

I initially caught wind of this build via @RighetousGarage who helped Jason put together his custom multi-piece Eneki RPF-1 wheels. This build has been going on for quite some time, and has a Stance Works counter part thread, but instagram is where I keep the most up to date.

In addition to the prerequisite Volkswagen owner attention to detail when it comes interior trim and hard lines he is also putting a pretty serious stereo in the car, which takes me back to days of cruising audio forums.

Chris Lee’s 1JZ Powered 1949 Ford F3 – @blasfamous_1jz

While documenting the Taylor’d Customs Motorama Or Bust build I kept tabs (as best I could) on the people interacting with the content. One person who could be counted on to consistently interact with any photos of the Dodge was Chris Lee.

Once I clicked through to his profile I could see why, Chris was building a unique hot rod of his own. From the unorthodox (for a hot rod) 1JZ power plant, obsessive attention to detail and awesome use of Ford Explorer wheels this truck is going to be awesome when it’s finished.

Tommy Reichelderfer’s Miata – @bossroadster

I discovered this build via Speedhunters and was instantly hooked on its originality. Similar to the hot rod esuqe Miata from Japan this car features a hot rod like front end. However it builds off that with a bare metal exterior and significantly widened metal rear arches.

It also has a Ford 302 (stroked to 331) under the hood that makes an almost dead even 432hp/437 at the crank. Finally it has a set of Supertrapp mufflers which is just rad as hell.

Kevin’s Big Huge Turbo R32 – @chopshoptgsc

Some of you might remember the name Chopshop being linked to a wild Jetta Coupe build, that project has been pushed to the back of the shop in favour of Kevin’s ‘daily’ build that spun out of control.

After the turbo set up previously on the R gave up the ghost Kevin decided to go all in on this project in the pursuit of quadruple digit dyno numbers. Kevin simply does not do half measures, so this car should be a serious weapon when it’s done which should be just in time for this year’s Eurokracy Montreal show.

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T-Minus 59 days. @sjanakovic photography ?

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Tom Clark’s Mustang Pace Car and MK1 Golf – @sinisbuilt

Tom Clark’s Mustang pace car is hands down one of my favourite Mustangs ever built, and that was before he decided it needed to get a bit wider thanks to a combination of Mustang and Capri fenders and quarters.

Mustang progress isn’t posted quite as often on his instagram these days, but that’s only because he’s been busying himself with a super clean MK1 Golf that I believe he started out initally building for his wife.

At any rate it rocks Elipson wheels (which Tom has a knack for refinishing) bags, and a shaved bay featuring a very tidy diesel motor.

Richard Ruiter’s C10 (among other things) – @xvette

The first ‘Instagram builds you should be following’ post featured the work of the younger fabricator in the Ruiter family Brad, aka @scradley54, this time around I am urging you to check out the work of his father who clearly heavil influenced Brad.

His LS powered C10 project was originally intended to be a daily –not sure if that is still the case– and has already been featured in a Magazine unfinished. The Ruiter family’s ability to transform an engine bay into a work of art is literally second to none and its looking like this truck should be on the road sooner rather than later.

Mike Obrien’s Datsun 620 – @3d_magic_mike

Finally, The Roadster shop is responsible for some of the best pro touring builds around so when Anth at Build-Threads mentioned Mike Obrien’s build I had to check it out and instantly follow.

I mean a 1UZ powered Pro Toruing Datsun 620 that came together aided by small-scale 3d printed models? What is not to like about that?

Like all roadster shop builds this truck will handle as well as t looks and if you were to only follow one build out of the ten posted today then this should be it.

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Another big step finished this weekend, with the Datsun 620 cab and bed mounted to the new frame. After carefully cutting the measured section of bed to clear the high kick rear rail section of the new frame, everything came together perfect. I cut the rear bed sides to just fit around the tires at ride height for now, which looks kind of insane. Thanks again to everyone who has helped me get to this point so quickly, looking forward to more progress week by week. #mikebuildsadatsun #datsun #datsun620 #nissan #nissansunny #minitruck #custom #chassis #customchassis #frame #suspension #bellcrank #cantilever #pushrodsuspension #fab #fabricated #fabrication #jdm #drift #builtnotbought #engineering #mechanicalengineering #design #beastmode #shesafatty

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