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Event Coverage: CSCS Beach Burnout 2014 – Pt. 1

While I was somewhere between Toronto and Montreal on my way back Eurokracy 2014 Drake Nolte was in Grand Bend covering the second round...

Event Coverage: CSCS 2014 Round 1 – Pt. 2

By the time I got to the 2014 CSCS season opener the event was well under way and they venue was absolutely packed to...

Event Coverage: CSCS 2014 Round 1 – Pt. 1

It's said that if there is one thing that is constant in this world it's change and that truism couldn't apply more aptly to the...

Event Coverage: 2013 CSCS Season Finale – Pt. 2

Back today with part two of the coverage from the CSCS Finale which is a small set of non action oriented photos. To my surprise there were a few cars at the finale I had not seen the entire season including one car I've never seen in person period. This isn't an exhaustive coverage of the show and shine but more a selection of vehicles and compositions that caught my eye. Enjoy!

Event Coverage: 2013 CSCS Season Finale – Pt. 1

Despite somewhat unseasonably cold weather Toronto Motorsports park Cayuga was packed on Sunday for the 2013 CSCS Finale. Like all the events leading up to it competition was fierce on the track with time attack records once again being broken and drifters laying it all on the line. It's been a few rounds since I've been able to attend personally so I was looking forward to getting back on the track and taking a few shots, as such the track action is up first with show and shine photos following soon after.

Event Coverage: 2013 CSCS Round 4

Vagkraft and round four of the Canadain Sport Compact Series unfortunately always seem to fall on the same day which means I have to make the difficult choice between to great events. As I'm sure you already know for 2013 my choice was Vagkraft however I like to run coverage from all the CSCS events so I asked around to see who would be making the voyage to Cayuga.

Event Coverage: 2013 CSCS Mosport

With Importfest coverage just barley out the door we can move things right along with the third round of CSCS coverage for 2013. Round three took place at Mosport and while that's a venue I particularly like shooting I opted to sit things out this round because I was a little run down from a week of preparation for Importfest. Luckily I was able to find a few photographers willing to pick up my slack and judging from the photos contributed by Kevin Tam and Kenny Barnes, CSCS Mosport was a blast just like years previous.

Event Coverage: 2013 CSCS Beach Burnout – Part 2.

Going to finish up the 2013 CSCS Beach Burnout coverage before moving on to what will be an onslaught of coverage from Eurokracy 2013. Today's coverage is made up of the photos I took while not on the track or hiding in the shade from the heat.

Event Coverage: 2013 CSCS Beach Burnout

Last year's "Beach Burnout" hosted by the Canadian Sport Compact Series  was my first voyage out to Grand Bend and I learned that the six hours (round trip) of driving required to make it all work in one day is less than enjoyable so thinking ahead we made a weekend of it this year. On Saturday we drove up to Lyndsey's sisters in Exeter, went to Lucan for a tractor pull, and then woke up at a decent hour Sunday to make our way to the Grand Bend Motorplex.

Event Coverage: 2013 CSCS Season Opener – Pt. 2

As mentioned in part one of 2013 CSCS season opener coverage Cayuga was packed last Sunday which meant the show and shine was overwhelmingly full. Let me tell you I was pretty glad to not be a judge at that event because as it must have taken ages to get through the show and shine field never mind try and arrange them in some sort of logical order.