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Event Coverage: 2013 CSCS Season Opener – Pt. 1

Leading up to the 2013 Canadian Sport Compact Series season opener the weatherman was forecasting a very damp day. However judging by Sunday's attendance at Toronto Motor Sports Park Cayuga very few people put much stock in the weatherman's early predictions. Random wind gusts aside the weather couldn't have been better for the season opener and the venue was the busiest I've ever seen it with people parked everywhere including outside of the front gates.

Event Coverage: CSCS 2012 Finale – Part: 2

As I mentioned in part one CSCS finale events are always some of the most exciting to attend and heading into this rounds CSCS I had visions of shooting the track coverage from different locations than I had at previous events. Sadly, a bum (fractured) foot, and a disturbingly cool breeze, put a bit of a damper on those plans and I spent most of my time camped at familiar corners. I'm still pretty happy with most of these shots though and shooting from on the track as a whole.

Event Coverage: CSCS 2012 Finale – Part: 1

The CSCS season finale is always an exciting event to attend because while some are gunning to set records on the track others are looking to secure year end awards in the show and shine. For myself and several others the excitement began on the way to the track with a surprise emissions/safety spot check by the Ministry of Transportation right off the highway.

Guest Coverage: CSCS Round 2012 Round 4

Sunday was one hell of a busy day here in Ontario with four events occurring simultaneously, which is actually something that has been occurring more often than not this year. The first of event getting coverage this week is round fourth round of the 2012 Canadian Sport Compact Series which was back at Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga.

Event Coverage: 2012 CSCS Round 3 Part 2

Continuing where things left off yesterday today's coverage consists of  the cars that caught my eye in the pits along with coverage of the show and shine. The Round 3 show and shine was actually a lot larger than these pictures illustrate but once the weather took a turn for the worse I focused my efforts more on track coverage and staying dry.

Event Coverage: 2012 CSCS Round 3 Part 1

Leading up to the second ever Canadian Sport Compact Series stop at Mosport Raceway the CSCS staff  announced that both time attack and open lapping were full, and at the same time they let everyone know that there was a $500 prize for the largest show and shine team. Combined these two factors lead to a very busy day at Mosport last Sunday, even after the rain tried to cool things down for everyone in attendance.

Event Coverage: CSCS Beach Burnout 2012 Pt. 2

Back with the second and final part of the Coverage from CSCS Beach Burnout at Grand Bend, which is exclusively track activity. You'll probably notice straight off that bat that there are no drag shots in today's post, that's because most of the vehicles I saw on the strip were pretty well stock and didn't make for the most exciting photos.

Event Coverage: CSCS Beach Burnout 2012 Pt. 1

My girlfriend grew up in a small town near London called Dorchester and would spend many a weekend at the Grand Bend Motorplex, her fond memories of the venue had me looking forward to going for the first time at last Sundays 'Beach Burnout' event hosted by CSCS. While like all CSCS events (when it doesn't rain) it was a good time I think the turnout was definitely hindered by the fact that Grand Bend is quite a ways from the city, which is a shame because Grand Bend is a great race facility with reportedly one of the fasted quarter miles around and has food far superior to Cayuga.

CSCS through the lens of Charles Spivak

I've been a fan of Charles Spivak's work since he first sent in Guest Coverage of a Drift Ops event at Shannonville in 2011. After the 2012 CSCS opener came and went, and photos began to surface online, I noticed one of his photos on the Circuit Soul fan page and honestly couldn't believe it was from the same event I was at.

Event Coverage: 2012 CSCS Season Opener: Pt. 2

Back with the second and final part of the CSCS season Opener coverage with today focusing on the show & shine and Stretch & Poke Fitted showcase. The CSCS show & shine is always an interesting mix of cars and I have tried to capture a lot of them here, I missed out on a couple between heading back and forth to the track and talking to people but there is a good mix of what was there in this coverage.