Girlfriend shot my car


I’m not a really big self hype kind of guy I would rather toss over the accolades to someone else and let my work continue to be the platform to showcase the work of others. So that being said here is a collection of exceptional photos of my girlfriends first foray into automotive photography using my ride as the test mule.

Lyndsey did an excellent job of choosing great locations for all of these photos all I had to do was wash my car, show up, and park.

For those of you viewing from out of town (or even out of country) all of these shots were taken at Exhibition Place in Toronto with the backdrops spied out by Lyndsey’s creative eye.

If you want to head out and use this venue for photos of your own security is really light on days when there are no events.

What looked like an average wall to me turns into an artistic backdrop
Glad I washed my car
The architecture around the Ex is pretty rad
What's ground clearance
Sunday is a bike company if you were wondering
Not a cloud in the sky
The chairs seen in earlier shots were used for these angles
I would have never thought of this
</3 Speedbumps
I like the green trim on the roofs
Just noticed the area is surprisingly litter free
This is one of my personal favorites
We were worried security would be all over us but no issue
Thank god I can reverse straight
Lyndsey's personal fav
This photo is a facebook fan favorite

Her photography site at is not fully up yet but her email is up and running at [email protected]


  1. Your girlfriend is very creative 🙂 Love the car shots, my personal fav is the one in front of the BMO sign.
    Good job on cleaning your car too….can you clean mine?

  2. That green trim started it’s days out as copper like the statue if liberty! Haha. Sucks for the guy who started using it for buildings thinking it’d have a shinny roof but the green does make it look much better!

    So how about this, I’ll be the sites photographer and Lyndsey can be the locale scout?

    Lynds, good job on making this car look sexy. I bet you had to do a lot of photoshoppin to achieve that 😛

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