WTF Friday Oct 9th 2009: Name these rides


Taking it back to challenge mode this weeks WTF Friday, I have three rides this week that some of you may have never seen or heard of before. The first people to correctly identify these cars will win a set of stickers in the color of their choice once the stickers arrive from Seche Media (first set got lost in the mail so a new set is en route).

This little mini is pretty scarce in our neck of the woods
This little mini is pretty scarce in our neck of the woods, bonus question whats under the hood of that blazer in the background?
This one probably isn't too hard for you VW guys
This one probably isn't too hard for you VW guys
This car has some nastyness lurking underneath
This car has some nastiness lurking underneath

Site Updates

Getting mentioned on Hellaflush last Sunday was a big deal for me (another goal crossed off my list) and helped Stance Is Everything fan Stanley’s dream come true which is awesome.

I have a readers ride waiting to go up, and a new featured photographer in que. I am also working on a little editorial/article that should be out of my head and onto some paper (then the web) soon enough.

No show coverage or anything this weekend (Thanksgiving here in Canada) but I think Keven (who shot these) my gf (who shot these) and I will be experimenting with some rolling shots on the weekend so there will probably be some more exclusive photos next week as well.

For those of you in the GTA celebrating Thanks Giving have a safe one and for those of you who aren’t have a good one anyway.


  1. So I saw one of those VW’s by my work and it looked like it could’ve used a restore but I must have stared at it for a good 10mins. It’s such a awesome car. It’s not a hatch it’s not a wagon, I could only classify it as a wagon coupe.

    That’s last cars got me stumped!
    Oh and big bock in the Blaze?

  2. Wow Phil got them all in one swoop. I am impressed.

    KFoot and Marco also had correct answers though so I will email all of you guys to get contact info and send out the prizes once they arrive. Thanks for playing!

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